Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Story of the Moose.....

So it was brought to my attention... That my "moose" that I have - has a famous scene in the movie "The Princess Diaries 2". If you're not sure here's the clip courtesy of bootube:

SO. No. That is not where the "moose" comes from. If you haven't noticed, the URL "Teddy Moose Family" is what we call our family. The story goes:

While Brian was deployed this last deployment of course I missed him dearly. At the time we only had Diesel dog who was very bored with me as I spent my time at work, on the phone or glued to my laptop just to get every chance I could with Brian via the interwebs. During the winter, the cold gloomy days were awful having no one to cuddle with except fuzzball here lol. During one yahoo instant messanger conversation (before skype was "big") we had a video chat going and I was cuddled up in my big saddle blanket, Brian asked if I was warm enough? I said no, I needed him to cuddle with. He laughed and said, "What am I? A teddy bear?!" I said, "No honey your bigger than a bear you're like a moose! LOL Teddy Moose!"

And the name stuck.

"Moose" "Teddy Moose" "Mr. Moose" "TM" many nicknames came from that name and I, too got some nicknames following the same name just adding "MRS" to it. When we welcomed Shyanna and Dakoda into our family they too became our "little mooses". I know "mooses" isn't a word but it works lol.

So thats where "Teddy Moose" came from. Now when he got back from deployment, on his way into the states, they had stopped in Bangor, Maine. He bought me a stuffed moose at the airport lol. Little did he know I had done the same here! When we saw each other again we exchanged "mooses" and ever since they have been at our bedsides. When either of us has to leave for whatever amount of time, our moose go with us so we have that little bit of each other to go with us where ever we are.
Silly, I know. It's the little things that count <3

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KimmeeMee said...

That. Is Freaking. ADORABLE!

Das moose love right dere. =')