Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Save My Marriage"

..............................Where the F**k do I start!?!

In "Normal" situations we could go to marriage counseling or therapy or happy hour or something...


He's gone?

No idea where to start. We want to fix things. We BOTH want things to be as they used to be. Granted things will never be the same because WE are not the same. We've said and done things and have changed.....now the challenge is to change with it, let our marriage change, evolve and grow.
There are some personal issues I have within myself that I feel the need to correct..... I think if I can heal myself I can help heal our marriage. I know Brian has to do the same but his are a little bit more difficult to deal with so I guess I can leave it be. Regardless, someday (I hope soon) we can sit down and work through this together. But for now is finding where the "slack" is in our marriage. We don't work as a team and we need to. This marriage is more than he or I - it's US and WE need to UNITE to figure this shit out.... Here's to hoping for really fixing things this time around.....

My head is itchy today... I wish It was my left hand.... old wives' tale: itchy left hand= money. Lord knows we could use it.

Gonna start looking around for some assistance here for marriage counseling or some kind of therapy that will accept the fact that it'll probably be just me for now till he can either come home or some other arrangements can be made.

Gonna watch "Interview with A Vampire" and dream of things that'll never happen

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