Thursday, August 4, 2011

Better days ahead

While today was a little stressful and what not in my mind... it was a bit clouded.

Brian sent a few nice and meaningful text messages. I was happy he got my little care package that I sent him while he is away. Been thinking alot today and it's been a long thought.

I want to fix things with my husband but with him gone........... I don't know HOW or even if we can?!

That hardest thing I guess is putting myself back out there again.... I tried so hard and when things began to fell through I felt myself pulling back into my shell that I get into.

I don't do well with bad things in my life. I may have to be "tough" but I am quick to build a wall around my heart and just because I am married I don't see myself from NOT doing that anymore. I protect my heart like a mother bear protects her cub....

Either way I have issues thinking lately...... especially since I just about burned the house down just now.... (left a pot of boiling water empty)

*sigh* bedtime is gonna come early I think. Instead of 3am i'm gonna shoot for 1am hahah

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