Thursday, October 7, 2010

Protesting in bed....

Yup. I do NOT want to go to work today. I am perfectly happy being a hostage to my pillow and blankets.

Today I got a nice long text message from Brian and its great we still write long messages to each other just expressin our feelings. Call him whatever you want I think its a REAL man who can express themselves to the ones they love. I grew up with guys my whole life, I get the whole male macho crap but honestly a man who can be cute with his wife (or the one who has his heart whoever they may be to that person) in front of guys or anyone is a REAL man.

ANYWAYS he was tellin me what an experience it was to see the WWII, Korean and Vietnam memorials. He was astonished at how the entire city of Washington DC was built AROUND the White House lol. While at the Vietnam memorial yesterday he sent me a text wishing I was there because he really needed me.

THAT broke my heart. I wish I could have been there I would have given ANYTHING to be there. But although I wasn't there physically I was there in his heart as he was in mine. I know he needed to bear those emotions on his own but he was never alone I never left his side and I never will :)

He said it made him proud and honored to be there among those who have died defending our country, and I told him I was proud of him to because he LIVED for our country.

America is not created necessarily so we can put each other down, call each other names that show how different we are. Of course we are different, thats why so many other countries, religions and regimes want to take that away from us. Us as a nation shouldn't try to change their ways either I don't believe. We don't want to be changed so why are we changing them? Granted there are those leaders who want to become the next hitler and wipe out all those who "don't matter" and those people SHOULD be shot and hanged. But again we are not God, we are not the ones to determine someone else's fate... that is up to God. Should we try to right the wrongs? Of course. But I personally believe we need to fix our own country before we go stomping through someone else's grounds like a bully trashing a little kids sandcastle on the beach. Our own country is rotting from the inside out. We have people who are starving, veterans who are homeless (some our own age!) children not getting the healthcare they need, woman who are having to sell their bodies to put food on the table or feed their own addictions. We have people who need jobs but can't find them so they steal from others just to get by..... There's so much that needs to be done and yes you can't help everyone but at least try?