Monday, October 18, 2010

My Last Time..........

So this is the last time i'm going to be going to sleep as a "Lucero"... Tomorrow I will become Mrs. Worley..... YIKES lol Don't get me wrong... I am absolutely over the moon right now (tomorrow I will be over the galaxy lol) I am going to marry my best friend and soul mate. The kind of stuff I never used to believe in. Whodathunk? lol Now I have gone through so much stress this past few weeks mostly from work and its really starting to take its toll but thats ok.... cause just like everyone has told me before ..... it will all be worth it all in the end! I am full of nerves. Not so much as "what i'm getting myself into" that i'm not worried about... its more "will I be enough?" I know i'm not perfect at all ..... but I know that I want to do my best by him. Honor him, love him unconditionally, feed his belly, and keep a smile on his face even on his hardest days..... I just can't believe its all really happening.... Granted it was rushed, thrown together but it still means everything to me. I know tomorrow won't be anything fancy to those attending but I hope they will enjoy it and its gonna mean so much to me and Brian to all who show up. We plan on saving up for a big fancy wedding ....cause everyone deserves a big fancy wedding ;) I am starving, exhausted, my friggin eye hurts and I have so much to do even tomorrow... i'll prolly be puttin stuff together to the moment it starts lol Wish us luck! Love Peace and Chicken Grease!!!!

--Sunne (last time Lucero soon to be Worley) :) :) :)


N@dine said...

WOW, congratulations!!!