Friday, October 8, 2010

Laundry Confessions.....

Waitin on laundry to finish. My i'm the queen of procrastination! Gonna have to stay up almost all night to finish the laundry i've put off all week before Brian comes home tomorrow. Although this horrible pinched nerve in my back isn't exactly helping....

Sheesh I still can't believe I almost died a few years ago. Hell i'm surprised I wasn't at least paralyzed

Sitting in a chair for 12hrs straight a day isn't exactly healthy or good for someone so I need to start moving around some more. In fact thats my goal. I really want to get back into shape. I used to look good. Granted I will never be 110 lbs or skinny enough for certain clothes but I can get TONED. And I'm gonna do it I am... just need to quit procrastinating and do it to it.....i'm just a bit too much on the "fluffy" side.

Speaking of fluffy Diesel and Shyanna are doing their bonding time driving me bonkers. No more squeeky toys for dogs. Winter coats are coming in as the weather is beginning to change. Cold mornings are here :)

It's gonna be a long night of laundry but I can't wait till Brian's home tomorrow to share all the stories of his adventures on TDY. He wore his blues on this trip...I must admit the man makes em look GOOD!!

WARNING: Back off he's mine...... ;)

Well Boys and gals I am gonna watch a few movies see if I don't pass out here on the couch with the mutts. Gonna leave ya'll with a video I took from this past weekends Rodeo... It brought tears to my eyes as I've never heard this played so beautifully! Till next time.. love peace and chicken grease.....