Monday, September 5, 2011

Regarding the Soulja Tard.....

it's been awhile since I've blogged... SOORRRRRYYYY!!!! Just haven't had much to say lately. My life has been pretty redundant....

I get up. Go to work. Come home and avoid housework.

BUUUTTTT Good news for me- My moose comes home this week! Yay! We (our marriage) has been going wonderfully lately! Brian has decided to go back to Active Duty- well TRY to. He said he misses it way too much so now the plan is to go back. Not sure how long it will take, when, where etc.... So till then he will be trying to find a local job close to home so he can work on his PT and weight.

NOW after that little quick update, here's the reason behind tonight's blog: SOULJA BOY.

OHHHHHH myyyy fucking GOD.

If you are "out" of the loop on this one, lemme explain. "Soulja Boy" decided for god knows what reason, to release his new song "Let's be real" in which one section of the lyrics says "Fuck The FBI & Fuck The Army Troops Fightin' For What? Bitch Be Your Own Man"


Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Within seconds of this being released everyone who supports the troops and law enforcement community became enraged... myself included. Now I've tried to see it from the point of view of the stupidity of people like him; he's using his freedom of speech.

OK I get that part. But just like the Westboro Baptist "Cult" doesn't mean the majority will agree. Although many people oppose this war, they still SUPPORT the troops, so when you say something offense about the troops that often results in anger, hate and revenge. So as of now I see this so called "Soulja" right up there on America's shit list along with Westboro. Can you say Career is now over?

It's gone as far as the military community requesting AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange Service) to have his music and what not pulled from the shelves! Now they did it when the Dixie Chicks did their little Publicity stunt (and ruined their careers as well) so this may happen again.

Now mind you all this has happened within the last week or so. it's still "new" so the word is still being spread around. There's a group of service members who are apart of  REDCON-1 music label and one of them STEPHEN HOBBS wrote a 'rebuttal' song for it:

And that's just the start of it... it even has an "Action Therapy" video as well:

Now "Soulja Boy" released his own statement, blaming RACISM on his behalf, that is the reason as to WHY everyone hates him (see link below)........... yea that MUST be it. Regardless I see this as a good way to show those who oppose troops, war and everything else that while you have the right to express freedom of speech: DON'T forget who it was that PROTECTS the RIGHT for you to hate on them. Didn't your mamas teach you "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"????

Tonight's Jam: REAL SOLDIER'S!!! HOOAH!!!