Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain Showers............

Yesterday it rained <3 after 100+ days without a drop it was such a sweet pleasure! I loved being able to drive in my unit with the windows rolled down..... taking in the sweet smells of the desert and farm fields......

Today its supposed to rain again.......... that would be nice! hell let it rain all summer! lol

Also today.... Brian & I will be starting "The Love Dare"

Our marriage has changed. we have changed. we love each other very much - that won't ever change.... but we are no longer in the "honeymoon" phase. They say this is the time when most marriages go through the hardest times. I just pray we make it through it. God has saved me in my darkest and hardest times and now I hope that he can help save my marriage.

Mostly its me that needs the healing. I have alot wrong with me and I need help. Its taken me this long to ask for it- yup i'm that stubborn... but better late than never. I'm willing to change to find myself again. I need that feeling that isn't paranoid, scared, lonely or many other things..... So today is DAY1. And I hope that it will be a great experience because I am tired of feeling like my world is going to collapse from under me. That is not a good way to live.

So.......... Today is a new day. God see me through this one okay?