Sunday, June 12, 2011


People piss me off. I am sick of stupid girls. Stupid guys and stupid people in general. I am sick of this town. I want out! I feel trapped here..... like I can't breathe or somethin! I can't wait to leave lol

Anyways back to blogging.....

I have officially been released and am a full fledged officer. As far as the "Love Dare" goes we haven't been keepin .........okay I haven't cause I fall asleep as we read it every night. Brian says its good lol

Tomorrow we are goin to a BBQ with some friends of ours... battles from Brians old unit last deployment. After they all got back we all got scattered through out the post. Well now everyone is goin different ways and this will be a good chance for us to hang out again before all that happens. I will miss everyone so much!!!

Tonight was also the last episode for this season of "Army Wives" </3 and they aren't starting a new season till NEXT year boo! 

Well thats it for me ............ my brain is mush i'm tired gonna eat some popcorn and chillax...