Saturday, January 8, 2011


Lord & behold we made it another year w00t!

I cannot believe its 2011. Where are the flying cars!? lol We had a blast new years! Went to our favorite bar with our two best friends and sooo many more memories made! I am thrilled that Brian was home this year and he got to be my New Years Kiss <3

--sad moment however-- and I STILL cannot believe that it happened---

At one point my best friend Victoria & I went to the little girls room. I was standing at the sinks waiting for her and suddenly it dawned on me that Brian would be gone next year... it REALLY hit me and I just started crying out of no where... of course Victoria consoled me and out of no where the slut faced whore bag assistant manager came up to us asking us (in a rude manner I may add) what was wrong. I explained I was okay just upset, well she popped off "then you obviously have had too much to drink" uhhh no bitch I haven't. I explained that I was sad because my husband was deploying next year and she had the balls to say " well you knew what you were getting into when you married him so buck up and deal with it and we don't want sad people at the bar we want happy people" .... I could have strangled her right then and there. I could not believe the audacity she had to say that to me!! WTF!? I just could NOT believe it!!!!!!!

People like that... they just don't understand what its like for us. They think we ENJOY the separation or that we live for it!? yea I don't think so !!

But that is a perfect example of my new years resolution: BE A BETTER PERSON. In every way I can!
Be nicer
More helpful
Laugh more
Smile often
Give more
Understand more
Forgive more
Pray more
Treat others better

I just want to be more of a positive person because don't positive actions get positive Reactions?

So many exciting things are coming this year I can feel it and I hope that its gonna be a good year :)