Sunday, November 21, 2010

WAY overdue post.

Ahhhh yes this one is extremely over due.... You could say we are really busy lol. But I won't hesistate here we'll start with the updates:

We're married now :) I can honestly say it feels so amazing to be called Mrs. Worley now!

Granted its still taken some getting used to (especially when it comes to signing my name) but i'm loving every second of it! We've been officially married a month and 2 days but who's counting ;) Our wedding, while small, was beautiful and memorable. I cannot thank everyone who came enough for making our day that much more special and meaningful to us. 

Our littlest girl shyanna is growing up... entering her first heat (aw)!

Brian is extremely grossed out but its rather hilarious to see her around the house in diapers lol. He says its practice for when we have kids. So I practice throwing the dirty diapers at him hehehe.......

There seems to be "peace" among my family. well between my parents anyway. My mother's family said they disowned me. Hmmm guess they didn't get the memo where I completely cut myself off from them about a year and half ago. I tell you family doesn't have to be blood related. I am better off with out them and their drama.

Brian is training...  due to leave. soon. NEXT TOPIC.................

We are working really hard on getting outta this place. It has its moments but we've been here forever. There actually is LIFE OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!

My work. Hmm. There's so much I could say about my work. but then again you'd hate it too ;) still applying at any available place to get outta mvrda. got my fingers crossed.. cross yours too please?

Brian and I have been working out as well trying to get ourselves back in physical shape again.

For a while there, I was mentally out of shape? Alot of stress can put someones body through more trauma than you could imagine. I have a hard time dealing with stress and lucky I found a prayer book that has helped me so much. I know that God has always watched out for me. but I was forgetting that he needed that favor in return. So now I leave it all up to him. When something happens in my life now I just think "well okay" and put my faith that he knows what he is doing, even at times when I don't know what I am doing....

Well. Thats it for now. I will try my hardest to do better at this posting thing. till next time....

Love, peace and chicken grease